Clown hosting Cataphyllia

Welcome to the Marksfish Live Marine Aquarium Webcam (ReefCam)

ReefCam is usually live from 3pm to 10pm UK time at a resolution of 500x 375.

Work has begun on bringing the reef back up to scratch again, with the installation of an algae turf scrubber (28th December 2018).

Current Stock (29th January 2020)

Foxface, peacock wrasse, 2 x percula clowns, mandarin goby, 2x Bangaii cardinal, royal gramma.

2x tuxedo urchin, 2x cleaner shrimp, 2x peppermint shrimp, 1x sand sifting snail.

Leather coral, green plating Montipora, orange plating Montipora, Elegance/ Cataphyllia, 3x head mushroom frag, Alveopora frag, 2 head Rainbow Acan frag.

Psychedelic Mandarin Aiptasia Eating Filefish Foxface
Blue Tuxedo Urchin Peacock Wrasse Royal Gramma
Bangaii Cardinal

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